BOB TIMMERS (By Shaun Mather)

Born 8 March 1941, Appleton, Wisconsin

Anyone who's met the baby faced guitar picker called Bob Timmers would be amazed to find out that he was born 63 years ago today. A seasoned musician, Bob was playing rockabilly at the America Welcomes Columbus party in 1492. Seriously though, Bob Timmers has made a world-wide name for himself as the founder/curator and all round good guy for the internet's Rockabilly Hall of Fame. Launched seven years ago the site is unquestionably the largest resource for rockabilly music and artists.

Born in Appleton, Wisconsin, he was the oldest of six children. He was educated at Menasha High School in Wisconsin where he says he spent his evenings listening to the radio, digging the latest sounds on WLAC and WSM out of Nashville. Like many a teenager of the time purchased his favourites from Randy's Record Shop in Galatin, TN. While in high school Bob became the double bass player for "The Jitterbugs" who included classmates, drummer Dave Pozolinski and guitarist Ricky Leigh Smolinski. The band played covers of Elvis and Bill Haley tunes. Already a fan of Haley, he was smitten when he heard the spin-off group, The Jodimars and Bob started a Jodimar Fan Club, running to an amazing membership of ten. The next act to grab his heart is the one that still pulls his strings now - Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps. He began to play lead guitar for "Jerry Williams & The Rockets". His favourite guitarist is the legendary Blue Cap, Johnny Meeks, a view shared by no end of listeners across the globe.

Throughout the 60's he played in Wisconsin, northern Illinois and Upper Michigan, even working with an English singer, Lord Beverey Moss. During the 1970s and 1980s Bob spent most of his time with his family and the family's publishing business, music being little more than a hobby. However his life was to take on a new role after he visited the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. Disappointed by the museums lack of respect to the early days of rock and it's pioneers, Bob (with encouragement and support from Joe Wajgel) formed the "Rockabilly Hall of Fame", with the intention of preserving the promoting the artists that were fast being forgotten. To say that he's achieved his goal is to state the obvious. Now that most of the originals have got their just deserts, Bob is currently working at getting some exposure for today's acts "The Second Generation". Still playing himself, his guitar playing is heard to great effect on the Roman Self CD (see discog).

Now with the Rockabilly Hall of Fame name and logo registered and trademarked with the Federal Government, he has the support (sometimes) and respect (always) of the music industry and many of the artists that he once idolised are now considered his friends. In the summer of 2000, he moved the Hall of Fame office from Wisconsin to Burns, Tennessee, just west of Nashville. The building contains an excellent vintage recording studio, owned by Gordon D. Stinson. A true gentleman, Bob has done the majority of his work via his life savings. Anyone who has dipped into his site for stories, photos or news, will surely join me in wishing him all the bets for the future and thanking him for the past.

DISCOGRAPHY 1959 - WAPL-AM Studios, Appleton, WI with Jerry Williams & The Rockets. "Blueberry Lane" b/w "A Boy Like You"

1965 - Concerto Music basement studio, Appleton, WI with Lord Beverly Moss & The Moss Men "Please, Please What's the Matter" b/w "The Kids Are All Right"

1994 - Basement, recorded at 1401 W. Edmund, Appleton, WI Entire CD with Kenny King on vocal - Bob arranged all 24 songs, play all instruments (this cd was unreleased, only 4 copies made)

Rockabilly Hall of Fame Vol. 1 (1997), Bob appears on: "Race with Cliff" (does all instruments) "Rock & Roll Saddles" (cover of White Cap's 1957 song) "Blues Train" "Road Trip"

Rockabilly Hall of Fame Vol. 2 (1998), appears on: "Important Words" (with Piper, Gene Vincent's sister) "Take These Chains" (with Piper, Gene Vincent's sister) "Vegas" (written by Bob)

Rockabilly Hall of Fame Vol. 3 (rec. 1999, released 2000) appears on: "I'm Moving On" "Rockabilly Blue" (as writer)

Rockabilly Hall of Fame Vol. 4 (rec. 1999, released 2000) appears on: "Foolish Thoughts" (with Narvel Felts), "Swing Sister Swing" (written by Bob) "Just Because", "It Doesn't Matter Anymore"

1999 - Jam Place Studio, Lincoln, NE - 2 separate sessions (summer and fall) As part of Bobby Lowell and his Nebraska Rocka-Boogie Boys. Material released on Bobby's "Bootleg" CD. "Matchbox" "Blue Suede Shoes" "I'm Moving On" "Just Because"

March 5, 2000 - Jam Palace Studio, Lincoln, NE On the entire CD with blues artist Michael B. Smith "Midwest Carolina Blues"

July 20, 2000, Sam Phillips International Studio, Memphis, TN "Sweet Nothings" w/ W.S. Holland on drums

July 25, 2000, Burns Station Sound, Burns, TN "Boppin' the Blues" w /Stan Perkins, W.S. Holland, Bob Moore "Dance to the Bop" w/ Stan Perkins, W.S. Holland, Bob Moore

August, 2000, Burns Station Sound, Burns, TN "Double Talkin' Baby" w/Paul Burlison & The Dempseys

January, 2001, Nashville, TN Demo CD w/D.J. Fontana on drums - 2-day session, (Nashville, 49 tracks, including many Elvis songs)

January, 2003, Burns Station Sound, Burns, TN Lead guitar and producer for Roman Self's 13-track album, "A Tribute to Ronnie Self", (The music of Roman's dad) TRACKS: "Ain't I Dandy", "Bop A Lena", "Long Distance Kiss", "Big Fool," "Rocky Road Blues," "Bless My Broken Heart", "Ain't I'm A Dog", "Pretty Bad Blues", "Big Town", "Flame of Love", "Big Blon Baby", "Sweet Nothin's", "You the Mama of My Song"

June, 2003, Burns Station Sound, Burns, TN Lead guitar and producer for Ollie Lee Rock's "Rock The Earth" album, with Mark Winchester (Brian Setzer Orch., bass, and Larry Merritt, piano. (Larry is Jerry Merritt's son).

February, 2004, Burns Station Sound, Burns, TN Lead guitar and producer for Rockabilly Hall Road Band: 5-Song Demo CD with Roman Self (son of Ronnie Self) Larry Merritt, piano. (Larry is Jerry Merritt's son). TRACKS: "Put Me Down", "She She Little Sheila", "Over the Rainbow", "C'Mon Little Baby," "Bop A Lena"

Appeared with; To name few: Eddie Bond, Narvel Felts, Johnny Meeks, Tommy Facenda, Lee Rocker, Roman Self, Dickie Harrell, Bill Mack, Johnny Powers, Marco Di Maggio, W.S. Holland, Paul Burlison, Rocky Burnette, Jody Reynolds, Ersel Hickey, Alan Clark, Burl Boykin, C.W Gatlin, Michael B. Smith, Piper Vincent (Gene's sister), Rockin' Roary (Germany), Stan Perkins ...

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