Born Cornelius Jessie Coleman, 5 July 1929, New Orleans, Louisiana
Died 20 February 1973, New Orleans, Louisiana

Cornelius Coleman was Fats Domino's drummer, both in the studio and on the road, for some fifteen years. He never was a member of Cosimo Matassa's Studio Band. The position of drummer in that prolific outfit was reserved for Earl Palmer, and after Earl moved from New Orleans in February 1957, for Charles "Hungry" Williams.

I don't think that Coleman played on any records of New Orleans artists other than Domino. The drummer on Fats's earliest recordings (1949-50) is Earl Palmer, but Coleman plays on ALL Domino sessions from 1951 till 1956, with just one exception : the session of May 25, 1956 (When My Dreamboat Comes Home, Ida Jane, Don't Know What's Wrong), where the drum kit was occupied by "Hungry" Williams. Coleman plays on most of the 1957-58 sessions and again all of the 1959-62 Imperial sessions. He does not appear on any of Domino's post-Imperial studio recordings (the drummer on the ABC recordings is Clarence Brown), but he continued to tour with Fats and can be heard on the live Mercury LP that was recorded in Las Vegas on June 10, 1965.

There are at least four Fats Domino discographies: the one in "Blues Records 1943-1970" by Mike Leadbitter and Neil Slaven, Michel Ruppli's "The Aladdin / Imperial Labels : A Discography" (1991), the discography by Steve Kolanjian that accompanies the 1991 EMI 4 CD-box and the Bear Family discography (1993) by Wouter Keesing, Richard Weize and Laurence Zwisohn. Of these, the Bear Family discography is the most idiosyncratic. There is general agreement that Blueberry Hill / Honey Chile was recorded in Hollywood (June 21, 1956) and that there was an L.A. session on October 30, 1958 (Margie, Darktown Strutter's Ball, a.o.).

The Bear Family discographers also locate the following sessions in Hollywood: - July 10, 1954 ( I Live My Life / Little Mama / I Know) - March 15, 1955 (All By Myself, Ain't It A Shame, Oh Ba-a-by / Help Me) - March 30, 1955 (Blue Monday / La La) - November 7, 1955 (Don't Blame It On Me / If You Need Me) - November 30, 1955 (So Long, Howdy Podner) - June 21, 1956 (What's The Reason, The Twist Set Me Free) - April 11, 1957 (Valley Of Tears / It's You I Love / Wait And See / True Confession). Produced by Jimmie Haskell, they even say! - February 4, 1958 (No No / Sick And Tired) - November 4, 1958 (I Hear You Knocking / Li'l Liza Jane / Every Night / When the Saints Go Marching In / Country Boy / My Heart Is Bleeding).

The other sources locate these sessions in New Orleans. Who's right and who's wrong?

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