Born Jonathan Rocky Burnette, 12 June 1953, Memphis, Tennessee

The first born son of rockabilly legend, Johnny Burnette, 'Rocky' first came to prominence when his rockabilly flavoured 'Tired Of Toein' The Line' was released in 1979 and in reaching the top 10 in both the US and UK (and #1 in Australia), placed Johnny and Rocky in the elite group of musician parent/offspring who have had major hits.

Rocky's musical career had started 10 years before he found solo success, and as early as 1967, after the family moved to California, he had been contracted to Acuff-Rose as a songwriter penning off-the-shelf titles for The Osmonds, David Cassidy and other teen heartthrobs.

Given the opportunity to record his own material, while paying homage to his father's memory, Rocky recorded his first solo album (The Son Of Rock n Roll) in Wales. The single, released the same year looked certain to propel him to greater heights, but unfortunately for Rocky, soon after the release of Tired Of Toein The Line, EMI-America went bankrupt, forestalling a follow up; this bad luck with record companies seems to have been an unwelcome trait throughout Rocky's career.

1981 saw Rocky's first visit to the UK along with his father's original band members Paul Burlison, Johnny Black and Tommy Austin, which also saw the release of 'Get Hot Or Go Home. Rocky's next release, Tear It Up, suffered the same fate as his debut album, with the label being declared bankrupt shortly after production.

Rocky continues to tour with Paul Burlison to the present day, as well as assisting in the production of Paul's solo album (Train Kept A Rollin'). Rocky's latest CD release, 'Hip Shaking Baby, was a collaboration with Darrell Higham and The Enforcers and received much acclaim.

Recommended listening: The Son Of Rock n Roll (EMI-America vinyl)

Get Hot Or Go Home (With 'The Rockabilly Trio') Tear It Up (Core Records)

Hip Shaking Baby (Rockstar)

Recommended website:

Further reading: The Rock Man Cometh : Rocky Burnette interviewed by Trevor Cajiao. Now Dig This 188 (Nov. 1998). [Rocky says there that "Tired Of Toein' The Line" was a # 1 hit in Holland. Actually, it peaked here at # 12 - Dik]

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