ROMAN SELF (By Shaun Mather)

Born 10 June, 1963, Springfield, Missouri

We've witnessed more than a few duff off-spring in the music scene. Kids that aren't fit to tie Daddy's laces up - Byron Whitman and John Carter Cash being two examples I've had the misfortune to suffer. Gladly, Roman Self, son of rockabilly legend Ronnie is a different matter.

Born on June 10, 1963, in Springfield, Missouri to Ronnie and Dorothy Self, music was a large part of his life from an early age. His parents divorced when he was eight, with Roman being brought up by his mother whilst his father persued his singing and songwriting in Nashville. At 12, young Roman joined his first band and three years later he moved to Nashville to live with his father. He started living his dreams, playing with Ronnie at local clubs and honky tonks such as the world famous Tootsies Lounge.

Next on the agenda was a move to California where he enlisted in the United States Air Force. After leaving the USAF, Roman joined up with his brother Ronnie Jnr in the Florida Keys where they created R&R Express. The band continued even after they relocated to Hampton, Virginia, where Roman met his wife Lynne. She has been a driving force in his career and has encouraged him to move towards a rockabilly sound in tribute to the early days during which his father was a pioneer. They moved to Nashville where his writing and singing has resulted in a recording contract with the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. His first album for the label was a brilliant tribute to his father, with fine covers of "Ain't I'm A Dog", "Bop-A-Lena", "Big Fool", "Big Blon' Baby", "Pretty Bad Blues" and "Big Town". The CD also included some superb, less obvious numbers like "Bless My Broken Heart", "Ain't I Dandy", "Flame Of Love" and "You the Mama Of My Song". He has started playing some of the big rockabilly shows in the States and would surely go down a storm in Europe.

Recommended listening: "A Tribute to Ronnie Self"- Rockabilly Hall of Fame - RABHOF CD114. Released 2003.

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